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Cleanroom cleaning equipment

Cleaning of a cleanroom or sensitive area needs special attention. The cleaning equipment depends on the required cleanroom class. Aim is a aseptic cleaning with minimum effort. The contact of the employees with the cleaning agents should be limited to a minimum.

Cleanroom cleaning equipment system trolles flat mop

In our product range you can find a wide selectron of cleaning equipment focusing on GMP A/B - ISO 4/5 & GMP C/D - ISO 6/7

We also offer a large choice of cleaning agents

Other cleaning equipment:
Cleaning rolls - Swabs - Dry mop - Silver Wiper

PCR-Roller SWABS cleaning tools Pharmamopp Silver Wiper for wet cleaning

Cleaning rolls: For cleaning of glass, montage foils a.s.o.

Swabs: Perfect cleaning tools

Dry mop: Dry cleaning of floors

Silver Wiper: Wet cleaning of walls, celings and floors

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