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Cleanroom cleaning rolls -
Excellent cleaning equipment to keep your cleanroom free of particles

Micro Clean Roller / Micro Clean Soft Roller
ISO class 6 suitable

Micro clean soft roller

Continuously increasing high production standards in advanced technology industries require utmost attention in eliminating every thinkable risk of particle contamination in cleanroom areas. Conventional wet- and half wet cleaning procedures bare the risk of just raising dust particles into the air without binding them once and for all. MICRO CLEAN ROLLER and MICRO CLEAN SOFT ROLLER cleaning devices are a safe and easy-to-handle alternative for eliminating dust and particles on even as well as uneven surfaces, such as inspection tables, walls, floors, etc. The adhesive film safely binds particles without leaving any adhesive residues on the cleaned surface. MICRO CLEAN ROLLERS offer an excellent and easy method to control the presence of dust by making it visible.

Cleanroom sticky roll MX
Cleanroom ISO 7 fit

Cleaning roll MX

Sticky roll provides the most efficient means of removing small particles from flat surfaces such as walls, tabletops, floors, ceilings etc. The adhesive on the sticky film not only removes dirt particles but also provides an inhibitor to prevent microbial growth, which makes it suitable even for general and cleanroom use. Sticky roll is composed of Polyethylene sheets coated with acrylic-based adhesive.

The sticky roll should be placed on the reusable, non-contaminating plastic roller handle. Now roll over the area which has to be cleaned - particles will stick on the Polyethylene film and will not be released. Contaminated layers are easy to remove - then roll is ready to use again.


Available in 3 adhesive strenghts
Don`t just blow the dust around - trap it permanently with the PCR ROLLER and tacky pad system!

PCR roller with adhesive pad

Order info cleaning roller
Micro Clean Roller

Art.-no.: Description: Width: Packaging unit:
RRMC125 Micro Clean Roller: For even surfaces 125 mm 1 pc.
RRMC250 Micro Clean Roller: For even surfaces 250 mm 1 pc.
RRMC500 Micro Clean Roller: For even surfaces 500 mm 1 pc.
RRMCS125 Micro Clean SOFT Roller: For uneven surfaces 125 mm 1 pc.
RRMCS250 Micro Clean Roller: For uneven surfaces 250 mm 1 pc.
RRGMC5H Handle 125 mm 1 pc.
RRGMC9H Handle 250 mm 1 pc.
RRGMC18H Handle 500 mm 1 pc.
RRGMCEX13 Handle extension Length: 1.3 m 1 pc.

Cleaning roll MX

Art.-no.: Description: Width x Length: Packaging unit:
RRMC62,5X Cleaning roll MX 62,5 mm x 15 m 1 pc.
RRGMC3HB Handle for cleaning roll MX 1 pc.

PCR roller

Art.-no.: Description: Width: Packaging unit:
RRPCRB12 PCR roller: Blue (strong) 12" 1 Set (cleaning roll + adhesive pad)
RRPCRB6 PCR roller: Blue (strong) 6" 1 Set (cleaning roll + adhesive pad)
RRPCRR12 PCR roller: Red (medium) 12" 1 Set (cleaning roll + adhesive pad)
RRPCRS12 PCR roller: Black (light) 12" 1 Set (cleaning roll + adhesive pad)
RRPCP12K Adhesive pad 12" 1 pc. (50 sheets)
RRPCRPH Pad holder 12" 1 pc.