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Swabs are ideal cleaning-, maintenance- and precision instruments concerning cleanliness and protection of your products in all industrial applications.

Cleanroom Swabs

There are a lot of different types available:

Order info Swabs

Art.-no.: Description: Packaging unit:
SWABSBB001 BB-001 2.500 pcs.
SWABSBB002 BB-002 2.500 pcs.
SWABSBB003 BB-003 2.500 pcs.
SWABSBB012 BB-012 2.500 pcs.
SWABSBB013 BB-013 2.500 pcs.
SWABSCA002 CA-002 1.250 pcs.
SWABSCA003 CA-003 1.250 pcs.
SWABSCA005 CA-005 2.500 pcs.
SWABSCA006 CA-006 1.000 pcs.
SWABSCA007 CA-007 1.000 pcs.
SWABSCA008 CA-008 1.000 pcs.
SWABSCA010 CA-010 1.000 pcs.
SWABSFS010 FS-010 1.250 pcs.
SWAB1500FC HT-1500FC 500 pcs.
SWAB1501FC HT-1501FC 500 pcs.
SWAB1502FC HT-1502FC 500 pcs.
SWAB1511FC HT-1511FC 500 pcs.
SWAB1550C HT-1550C 500 pcs.
SWAB1700-5 HT-1700 5 pcs.
SWAB1701-5 HT-1701 5 pcs.
SWAB1702-50 HT-1702 50 pcs.
SWAB1702-500 HT-1702 500 pcs.
SWAB1732-500 HT-1732 500 pcs.
SWAB1750-500 HT-1750 500 pcs.
SWABA1602-FC HT-1602FC 500 pcs.
SWABA1629-FC HT-1629FC 500 pcs.
SWABA1650-FC HT-1650FC 500 pcs.
SWABA1902 HT-1902 500 pcs.
SWABA1950 HT-1950 500 pcs.
SWABA2302/50 2302 50 pcs.
SWABA2303/50 2303 50 pcs.
SWABA2306/50 2306 50 pcs.
SWABA2307/50 2307 50 pcs.
SWABFS610-100 FS610 PU foam SWAB 100 pcs.
SWABFS707-50 FS707 PU foam SWAB 50 pcs.
SWABFS740-500 FS740 PU foam SWAB 500 pcs.
SWABFS742-500 FS742 PU foam SWAB 500 pcs.
SWABFS750-500 FS750 PU foam SWAB 500 pcs.
SWABFS757-500 FS757 PU foam SWAB 500 pcs.
SWABMS758L-500 MS758L Microfiber SWAB 500 pcs.
SWABMS761-500 MS761 Microfiber SWAB 500 pcs.
SWABMS707-100 MS707 Microfiber SWAB 100 pcs.
SWABPS707-100 PS707 Polyester SWAB 100 pcs.
SWABPS713-100 PS713 Polyester SWAB 100 pcs.
SWABPS714-100 PS714 Polyester SWAB 100 pcs.
SWABPS743-500 PS743 Polyester SWAB 500 pcs.
SWABPS758B-500 PS758B Polyester SWAB 500 pcs.
SWABPS758L-500 PS758L Polyester SWAB 500 pcs.
SWABPS761-500 PS761 Polyester SWAB 500 pcs.