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Stainless steel mop frame for contactless operation

Electropolished stainless steel mop frame, fully autoclavable and resistant to disinfectants. High performance plastic and a polished stainless steel surfaces ensure compliance with GMP and cleanroom demands and lasting durability. The quick-change system allows quick and easy combination of the mop frame with all stainless steel handles, no tools are needed.

Stainless steel mop frame for contactless operation

Order info stainless steel mop head and handles

Art.-no.: Description
RRMOPPQKEK40 Mop frame made of stainless steel
RRMOPPQGE140 Handle: 140 cm
RRMOPPQGTE140 Telescopic handle: 140 cm, 2 parts
RRMOPPQGTE200 Telescopic handle: 200 cm, 2 parts