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One-way cleanroom garments made of BioClean-D material
Sterile and non-sterile available
Coat, overall, shoe covers, sleeve covers, hood

Suitable for ISO class 4

BIO-D quality garments are manufactured from a revolutionary new Clean-Tough fabric which is antistatic, lightweight and hard-wearing. They have been carefully designed and researched to provide the wearer with both superior comfort and maximum protection.
All Bio-D products are individually packed in a sealed bag. The special print encapsulation process ensures bags can be wiped down with cleaning or sterilizing fluids without fear of cross contamination.

With the Bio-D clothing you can protect yourselves optimally from head to foot.


Cleanroom coat BioClean-D BDLC
Categories / Standards

Overall with or without hood

Overall BioClean-D BDCCT Overall BioClean-D BDCHT
Categories / Standards


Overboot BioClean-D BDOB
Categories / Standards

Sleeve cover
Sleeve cover BioClean-D BDSC
Categories / Standards

Full protection hood
Full protection hood BioClean-D BDHD
Categories / Standards

Test data (pdf.)

Order info disposable garments

Art.-no.: Description Size: Packaging unit:
EKBIO30(size) Coat: Very strong seems, 2 hip pockets, chest pocket, open cuffs, rear vent, extremely strong fastening S-XXL 30 pcs.
ESTKBIO(size) Coat: Same as above, but sterile S-XXL 30 pcs.
EÜSTBIO Overboots: Elasticated top, non-slip sole Unisize 150 pcs.
ESTÜSTBIO150 Overboots: Same as above, but sterile Unisize 150 pcs.
EÄBIO180 Sleeve covers: Elasticated openings, protection from wrist to upper arm Unisize 180 pcs.
ESTÄBIO180 Sleeve covers: Same as above, but sterile Unisize 180 pcs.
EHBIO180 All-round protection hood: Good fit on the head, elasticated face opening Unisize 180 pcs.
ESTEHBIO180 All-round protection hood: Same as above, but sterile Unisize 180 pcs.
EOVBIOK20(size) Overall with hood: Hood, cuffs and ankles with elasticated finish, zip fastener XS-XXL 20 pcs.
ESTOVK20(size) Overall with hood: Same as above, but sterile XS-XXL 20 pc.
EOVBIO20(size) Overall: Zip fastener, elasticated back, cuffs and ankles with elasticated closure S-XXL 20 pcs.
ESTOVBIO20(size) Overall: Same as above, but sterile S-XXL 20 pcs.