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KLEENGUARD protective garments: Overall, lab coat, shoe covers, hood -
lint-free and breathable

Specifically treated SMS base material with antistatic protection

Disposable protective garments for more safety and wearing comfort in high-risk area.
Provides general protection against water and chemical splashes as well as liquids and dust particles.

Kleenguard Overall A50 (T65)
Categories / Standards

SMD material made of 100% Polypropylene - Type 6, limited spray-tight

For lab area with low risk of chemical explosion.
Protection against liquid chemicals in form of aerosols, spray mists and minor splashing, if it is only low chemical risk.

Kleenguard Lab coat A7 (T7)
Categories / Standards

Base material laminate technology, antistatic

Disposable shoe covers / overboots with rugged Vinyl sole for more safety and wearing comfort in high-risk area.
Protection against water-based liquid splashes, liquids and dust particle. General protection.

SHOE COVER OVERBOOT Categories / Standards
Disposable hood for hygiene and comfort in low-risk area (CE class 1). Categories / Standards

Order info Kleenguard cleanroom garments
Art.-no.: Description Size: Colour: Packaging unit:
EKK9670S15 Lab coat A7 S White 15 pcs.
EKK9671M15 Lab coat A7 M White 15 pcs.
EKK9672L15 Lab coat A7 L White 15 pcs.
EKK9673XL15 Lab coat A7 XL White 15 pcs.
EKK9674XXL15 Lab coat A7 XXL white 15 pcs.
EKO9687S25 Overall A50 S blue 25 pcs.
EKO9688M25 Overall A50 M blue 25 pcs.
EKO9689L25 Overall A50 L blue 25 pcs.
EKO9690XL25 Overall A50 XL blue 25 pcs.
EKO9691XXL25 Overall A50 XXL blue 25 pcs.
EKO96923XL25 Overall A50 3XL blue 25 pcs.
EKO9681S25 Overall A50 S white 25 pcs.
EKO9682M25 Overall A50 M white 25 pcs.
EKO9683L25 Overall A50 L white 25 pcs.
EKO9684XL25 Overall A50 XL white 25 pcs.
EKO9685XXL25 Overall A50 XXL white 25 pcs.
EKO96863XL25 Overall A50 3XL white 25 pcs.
EKH8260/1000 Hood A10
unisize white 1.000 pcs.
EKS98710/200 Shoe cover A40 unisize white 200 pcs.
EK8277/100 Overboots A40
unisize white 100 pcs.