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One-way cleanroom garments in TYVEK quality

Material: 100% Polyethylene particle tight Tyvek-Protech

TYVEK cleanroom clothing is desingned for ISO class 7-8 cleanroom. Also it has antistatic properties. In dry or wet condition TYVEK remains equally resistant to tearing towards all directions. Down to a temperature of -73°C TYVEK also remains strong and flexible. A net of finest Polyethylene fibres ensures good bursting and abrasive resistance as well as an extraordinary resistance to further tearing. TYVEK-clothing can be worn and washed numerously.
TYVEK is chemically and biologically fully neutral. The physical properties are not influenced by most of the organic and anorganic chemicals, including acids, bases and salts. During absorption of special organic solvents, slight swelling may occur before evaporation.
When TYVEK is exposed to flames it shrinks quickly. When the flame follows the shrinking material it sets fire at a temperature of appr. 340°C.

» Sample pictures TYVEK garments:
Tyvek Overall ClassicXpert
Tyvek coat cleanroom
Tyvek overboot cleanroom
Tyvek apron
with drop border
Tyvek apron with drop border

Overall - Model INDUSTRY
With elastic bands at arms and back, collar and covered zip. Colour: White

Categories / Standards

Overall - Model Classic Xpert
With elastic bands at arms, legs and back. Hood and covered. zip. Colour: White

Categories / Standards

Coat - Model KKD
With collar, 5 push buttons and 3 bags. Colour: White

Coat - Model KRV
With collar, zip fastener and 2 bags. Elastic band at arms. Colour: White

Categories / Standards

Tyvek additional products

Sleeve cover
Made of PE, elastic bands at both ends. Colour: White

Overboot - Model POBO
Unisize, antistatic. Color: White

Overboot - Model POBA
Unisize, antistatic, with anti-slip sole. Colour: White

Shoe cover
Made of PE, with elastic band. Colour: White

Apron T14

With neck loop, to tie on the back. Length: 100 cm, Colour: White

Categories / Standards

Apron with drop border made of TYVEK-F
With neck loop, to tie on the back, length: 130 cm. Colour: Grey

Order info Tyvek cleanroom garments

Art.-no.: Description: Colour: Size: Packaging unit:
ETOK1PT25(size) Overall INDUSTRY: Elastic band at arm and back, collar and covered zip White S-XXXL 25 pcs.
ETOK7PT25(size) Overall CLASSIC XPERT: With hood, elastic band at arm, leg and back, covered zip White S-XXXL 25 pcs.
ETKKDTK1/(size) Coat: Collar, 5 push buttons, 3 bags White M-XXL 25 pcs.
ETKRVTK1/(size) Coat: Collar, zip fastener, 2 bags, elastic band at arms White M-XXL 50 pcs.
ETKSN15T14 Shoe cover: Made from PE, elastic band White Unisize 500 pcs.
ETKA2T1450 Arm cuff: Made from PE, elastic band at both ends White Unisize 200 pcs.
ETKSH55T14-1 Overboots POBO: Antistatic White Unisize 200 pcs.
ETKSH55T14 Overboots POBA: Antistatic, anti-slip sole White Unisize 200 pcs.
ETKST14 Apron T14: With neck loop, to tie on the back, length 100 cm White Unisize 100 pcs.
ETKSTF Apron TYVEK "F": With drop border, neck loop, to tie on the back Grey Unisize 1 pc.