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Acid protect glove - Stansolv

STANSOLV® 519 provides superior protection of the product and the user, for all applications involving reduced extractibles combined with puncture and solvent resistance. Recommended to persons sensitized to natural Latex proteins.

Stansolv acid resistant cleanroom glove
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Stansolv acid resistant glove

Acid protect glove - Camapren

The Camapren protective gloves made of Polychloroprene, a proven material with good, well-balanced properties in relation to chemical and mechanical resistance. A more durable alternative to natural Latex.

The anatomical design reduces operator fatigue. Good flexibility and pronounced surface profile ensure excellent sensitivity and a sure grip. The flocked finish reduces perspiration.

Altogether, this is a range of products of excellent comfort and wear characteristics, reliable, economical and popular with users.

Acid protect cleanroom glove Camapren

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Acid protect glove - Trionic

An established leader for an effective protection against acids.
Trionic® gloves are made from the unique tripolymer blend. They are market leaders in terms of chemical protection when handling critical products in cleanrooms. They combine high protection, cleanliness and extreme comfort.
Material: Mixture of Latex, Nitrile and Neopren, powder free.

Trionic acid resistant cleanroom glove
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Trionic acid resistant glove

Order info acid resistant cleanroom gloves

Art.-no.: Description: Colour: Sizes: Packaging unit:
HSSTAN519(size) STANSOLV A-10CR (519): Made of Nitrile, excellent protection against solvents, good grip Green S - XL 72 pairs
HSKCL720(size) CAMAPREN: Made of Polychloroprene with nature Latex Black 7 - 11 10 pairs
HSTRIO517(size) TRIONIC 517: Mixture of Latex, Nitrile and Neopren, Aceton resistant Nature S - XXL 72 pairs