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Sterile cleanroom marker

Sterilisation by gamma irradiation

Sterile cleanroom marker

Available colours: Properties

Sterile cleanroom pen

Sterile cleanroom pen

Available colours:

Cleanroom pen - non sterile, black
2 different models available

Cleanroom pen
Cleanroom pen RSTIFTBLACK-N

Order info sterile cleanroom pen and marker / cleanroom pen

Art.-no.: Description Colour: Packaging unit:
RSTIFTMARK-S Cleanroom marker: Sterile Black 10 pcs.
RSTIFTMARK-B Cleanroom marker: Sterile Blue 10 pcs.
RSTIFTMARK-R Cleanroom marker: Sterile Red 10 pcs.
RSTIFTSCHWARZ Cleanroom pen: Sterile Black 10 pcs.
RSTIFTBLAU Cleanroom pen: Sterile Blue 10 pcs.
RSTIFTROT Cleanroom pen: Sterile Red 10 pcs.
RSTIFTBLACK Cleanroom pen: Non-sterile Black 12 pcs.
RSTIFTBLACK-N Cleanroom pen: Non-sterile Black 10 pcs.