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Sterile cleanroom garments
BioClean-D material

Sterile and non-sterile available: Coat, overall, sleeve cover, shoe cover, hood - usable in cleanroom ISO class 4

BIO-D quality garments are manufactured from a revolutionary new Clean-Tough fabric which is antistatic, lightweight, hard-wearing and compatible for use in ISO Class 4 cleanrooms. They have been carefully designed and researched to provide the wearer with both superior comfort and maximum protection. All Bio-D products are individually packed in a sealed bag. The special print encapsulation process ensures bags can be wiped down with cleaning or sterilizing fluids without fear of cross contamination. Available as sterile and non-sterile garments.

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Also as non-sterile garments available


Cleanroom coat BioClean-D BDLC
Categories / Standards

Overall with and without hood

Overall BioClean-D BDCCT Overall BioClean-D BDCHT
Categories / Standards


Overboots BioClean-D BDOB
Categories / Standards

Sleeve cover

Sleeve cover BioClean-D BDSC
Categories / Standards


Hood BioClean-D BDHD
Categories / Standards

Face masks

Bio-D sterile face mask with earloop Bio-D sterile face mask to tie

BioClean 100™ cleanroom face masks are 210mm in width to provide superior protection, and are clearly marked to differentiate the inner and outer surfaces. Rigorously tested, they provide industry leading levels of particle and bacterial filtration efficiency, combined with excellent breathability. The extra length conformable noseband ensures wearer comfort, and all variants are 100% latex-free to ensure no latex allergy problems. BioClean 100TM cleanroom face masks are manufactured from high performance material to ensure excellent seam strength. Sterile masks are individually packed and have minimal odour after sterilisation due to the use of high tech proprietary materials.

Order info sterile Bio-D cleanroom garments
Art.-no.: Description Size: Packaging unit:
ESTKBIO(size) Coat: Very strong seems, 2 hip pockets, chest pocket, open cuffs, rear vent, extremely strong fastening S-XXL 30 pcs.
ESTÜSTBIO150 Overboots: Elasticated top, non-slip sole Unisize 150 pcs.
ESTÄBIO180 Sleeve covers: Elasticated openings, protection from wrist to upper arm Unisize 180 pcs.
ESTHBIO180 All-round protection hood: Good fit on the head, elasticated face opening Unisize 180 pcs.
ESTOVK20(size) Overall with hood: Hood, cuffs and ankles with elasticated finish, zip fastener XS-XXL 20 pcs.
ESTOVBIO20(size) Overall: Zip fastener, elasticated back, cuffs and ankles with elasticated closure S-XXL 20 pcs.
ESTMEA-210-1 Face mask with earloop 600 pcs.
ESTMTA-210-1 Face mask to tie 500 pcs.