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Sterile cleanroom wipers


The PROSAT® 911 wipers consist of polypropylene wipers saturated with a solution of 70% isopropanol alcohol and 30% deionized water in a resealable pouch. The pouch opens easily and the wipers are readily dispensed. The PROSAT® 911 wipers utilize a meltblown polypropylene wiper which is exceptionally clean, being free from additives of any kind.
Order info
  • Size: 9" x 11"
  • Packaging unit: 6 x 30 wiper (resealable bag)
  • Art.-no.: RTPROSAT911S

Non-woven wiper ORYX

Order info

Size: 12 x 12" (C-folded)
  • Packaging unit: 1800 pcs.
  • Art.-no.: RTBOWS12

Size: 9 x 9" (C-folded)
  • Packaging unit: 2700 pcs.
  • Art.-no.: RTBOWS9

Size: 9 x 9" (not folded)
  • Packaging unit: 2400 pcs.
  • Art.-no.: RTBOWS9B