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Cleanroom coats

Standard material: SELGUARD-I made of 98% Polyester and 2% Carbon

Cleanroom ISO class 4/5 usable


Standard models made of SELGUARD-I material:

Cleanroom coat Selguard-I

Art.-no.: RM483109W (white)
Art.-no.: RM483109 (light blue)

Cleanroom coat Selguard-I

Art.-no.: RM483111 (white)
Art.-no.: RM483111B (light blue)

Cleanroom coat Selguard-I

Art.-no.: RM483119 (white)
Art.-no.: RM483119B (light)

Name plates - Velcro tape for fastening

Name plate for coats Selguard-I

Art.-no.: RNS487112 (white)
Art.-no.: RNS487112B (light blue)

Selguard-I material
Standard material SELGUARD-I

Fabric specification SELGUARD-I (pdf.)

ACLEAN JC material
Coats and name plates also made of ACLEAN JC material available - Delivery time appr. 6 weeks -

Available colours: White, light blue, dark blue

Cleanroom fabric ACLEAN JC specification (pdf.)

Please note, htat all launderable garments have to be washed under your cleanroom requirements before using!

Also garments upon customer's request possible - please let us know your requirements.