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Cleanroom hood and face mask

Standard material: SELGUARD-I made of 98% Polyester and 2% Carbon

Cleanroom ISO class 4/5 usable


Standard models made of SELGUARD-I material:

Selguard-I Material

Fabric specification SELGUARD-I (pdf.)


Cleanroom hood with face mask

HOOD - Art.-no.: RH482010(Size)W (white) FACE MASK - Art.-no.: RMUND482102W (white) Other colours upon request.
Take care that you order hood and face mask with same fastening type!


Cleanroom hood Selguard-I

Art.-no.: RH482015W(white)
Art.-no.: RH482015B (light blue)

Hoods and face mask also made of ACLEAN JC material available

Colours: White, light blue, dark blue

ACLEAN JC Material

Cleanroom fabric specification ACLEAN JC (pdf.)

Shield cap

Cleanroom shield cap

Art.-no.: RHSG11(size)W (white)
Art.-no.: RHSG311(size)B (light blue)

Cleanroom hoods for ladies
Cleanroom hood for ladies

Art.-no.: RHL303(size)

Cleanroom hood for ladies

Art.-no.: RHL310

Please note, that all launderable garments have to be washed under your cleanroom requirements before using!

Also garments upon customer's request possible - please let us know your requirements.