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Washable cleanroom garments
for cleanroom ISO class 4 - 6

Cleanroom garments recommendation (pdf.)

Cleanroom hood and face mask Cleanroom launderable garments
Sample pictures of cleanroom garments

Overalls, coats, hoods, face masks, underwear, socks

In a cleanroom, the human being is the most disturbing factor. Therefore, cleanroom garments are very important in critical cleanroom areas. To meet special cleanroom conditions, adequate cleanroom garments are necessary.

If you need an advice, please let us know. We will help you in achieving the desired cleanroom level.

If you need EN 14126 certified protective clothing against infectious agents please let us know!

Desired cleanroom level

To achieve the desired cleanroom level, the use of special cleanroom clothing is needed. In our delivery program you can find cleanroom garments for cleanroom ISO class 4 - 6.

There are various cleanroom garments available: