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High quality cleanroom wiper made from Polyester an Nylon
High quality cleanroom wiper made of Polyester an Nylon - ISO class 4/5 usable
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Cleanroom wiper PRT-2091

ISO class 4-5 suitable

4 sealed-border micro-denier wiper by thermal heat

Cleanroom microfiber wiper 2091

PRT-2091 wiper particularly proud its scientific and efficient cleaning performance in critical cleanroom environment. The yarn of PRT-2091 is made of synthetic polyester and nylon 100% continuous-filament, use ultra fine yarn (0.13denier). Perfect cleaning function by a ultra tiny wedge-shaped microfiber. Preservation of the value of object by a capillary phenomenon. Enormous absorption power.

Manufacuturer certified by ISO 9001/14001

Order info
  • Size: 9" x 9"
  • Packaging unit: 100 wipers
  • Art.-no.: RTPRT2091

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